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Internet Leased Line

Make your own business class.
Step up to a reliable business-class network solution that senses your need for grouth, through blazing connectivity.

Billing Server

Client management & Billing server.
Smartguard is the complete Billing server system that brings together the best IP Billing Telephony software in the market, creating a comprehensive.

Wireless Product

Make up to 40 KM P2P link
Wireless operations permit services, such as long-range connection, that are impossible or impractical to implement with the use of wires.

Company Information

HAPPYNET is built on values - "WE MAKE CUSTOMER HAPPY" a commitment to excellence, trust and individual leadership. When you work with HAPPYNET you can be reassured that each employee holds true to these same values. Through these values we have been able to attract the most experienced and highly skilled professionals in the business..

Achieve highest degree of customer satisfaction among customers by providing end to end network solutions through quality products, best technical expertise and value for money.

Our Vision
Our vision embraces standards-based networking because we believe the best solutions are realized when companies partner and focus on customer needs, rather than maintain proprietary offerings that restrict customer choice. HAPPYNET specializes in responding to these needs in a prompt and cost effective manner. With competent business and technical expertise, it is able to deliver appropriate resource to meet client requirements, from an individual through to complete project teams.
Customer Service
We are committed to provide our customers with a consistently superior experience. If for any reason something goes wrong, we will work to resolve the issue quickly and as professionally as we can.
Experience engineer
We have a team of young ang energatic experianced engineers, they are working continously to make our service better and they are trying to make our customers HAPPY.
Our Commitment
At Happynet, we have a fundamental philosophy: "We make customer Happy". Putting technology and service in the same sentence can often be called an 'oxymoron'. At Happynet, we strive to deliver outstanding solutions and service to our customers. We are so serious about it that we have developed service-focused teams in each division. These teams are dedicated to ensuring that our customers receive the best service possible or, in the words of our fearless leader, customer service that exceeds all expectations.